3 Days in San Diego!

Hungry Thirsty Game is back! Our travels didn’t stop after our 10-week adventure, so why should the blog?

Being adopted Los Angelenos, this weekend NYE trip to San Diego was as last minute as it was easy to execute. No planes or trains or beds of pick up trucks – just a drive down the coastline long enough to finish 3 episodes of our new fav podcast, Crimetown… and a lb of gummy bears.

First stop – La Jolla, a wealthy seaside town that seems caught in an eternal brunch. We joined our fellow tourists in pushing the boundaries of “respectful distances” from the seals and sea lions who sunbathe on the beach.



Continuing on our safari theme, we stopped at the San Diego Zoo. It’s beautiful, and they take great pride in the care of their animals. They are an accredited zoo, which means that somewhere out there is an unaccredited zoo, which now that I think of it is probably just people who sell tickets to see their pet boa in Florida.



Most underrated zoo animal: flamingos. Most overrated: any big cat. This is my official stance; I’m not open to change.

DID YOU KNOW SAN DIEGO DOES ITALIAN FOOD? Like, real Little Italy, roasted porchetta, homemade pasta, more-burrata-than-you-can-handle Italian food? We found out – twice. Looking for recommendations? Cucina Urbana, right near our Airbnb in Hillcrest, and RoVino in Little Italy. EAT ALL THE MEATS.

We also waited for 30 mins for an extraordinary $13 slice of cake at Extraordinary Desserts. WORTH IT.

The next morning, we burned off 1/10000th of our cake in the laziest of guided tours – A SEGWAY TOUR. We toured all around downtown and Gaslamp, and made sure to capture enough photographic evidence to set the “cool” bar pretty high for our future offspring.


We also toured the USS Midway – a retired aircraft carrier built for WWII that now operates as a Naval Museum. Michael really, really enjoyed it, despite being way to big for the ride.



❤ TACOS <3. The other half of our San Diego diet consisted of tacos that we didn’t photograph because they were in our mouths. Recs: Blind Burro and Puesta in downtown / gaslamp.

The following morning, we woke up early for a beautiful run at Sunset Cliffs National Park, then took in (my choice) Old Town San Diego.

Don’t go to Old Town San Diego. It’s supposed to be an immersive experience demonstrating life when San Diego was founded and grew but mostly they sold Seattle Seahawks Ponchos and mood rings.

The one highlight of Old Town was the Whaley House – a self guided tour of what somebody calls the most haunted house in America! WE ACTUALLY CAPTURED SPIRITS ON FILM!



And suddenly it was New Years Eve. I was full of anxiety because we had no plan, and because New Years is all about expectations that are never met because lines and overpriced drinks and somebody crying or throwing up in your vicinity. But we’ve discovered the recipe for a fabulous NYE out!

Sunset + Tacos + Arcade Bar + Not Really Caring About Going to the Cool Bar

Yes, we found a bar that let us play the Simpsons and Mario Brothers and Walking Dead pinball.

I am so lucky to look forward to a lifetime of adventures with a husband who thinks I’m extra pretty when I’m good at pinball, who cares nothing for the rad nightclub, and would rather tick away the final moments of 2017 fighting off zombies, Koopa Troopas, and Krusty the Klown at my side.





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