Koh Tao – Scuba Diving

Koh Tao Island

may 10th-15th

So we escaped the mountains of Chiang Mai, cleared our minds with some meditative thought, and began the island life on Koh Tao. A beautiful and tiny island in the gulf of Thailand.

Sairee Beach

We had a bungalo, our cheapest stay of the trip so far, 50 yards from the beach, 2 dollar curry and pad thai, friends from Canada and the UK, and a priceless sunset on Sairee beach. The island has one main town, Sairee Beach, with laid back hotels, bars, and restaurants lining 1 main road and another pedestrian path. Burger joints compete with seafood houses, Italian, and local “garages” serving up the local stuff. Everyone is in tank tops and flip flops and you walk from place to place without any sign of a specific destination.

Scuba Diving

We had 9 scuba dives scheduled. Instead of the advanced diving training that we were qualified for, we opted for the fun dives. We saw various wildlife from huge grouper to the tiniest sea snails. There was coral of all shapes and colors. By doing so many dives in a short period of time you begin to feel very comfortable down below. Experimenting with the weight belt, working on your breathing, is a great way to start to fully enjoy the dive, plus they last longer as your breathing slows down.


Our time in Koh Tao was the first few days where we were not feeling under the weather (minus the GI issues we had since Japan) and had no timetable.  We now realize we were only preparing for the ‘La Dolce Far Niente’ perfected by the Italians. So it was relax, hang with Vanessa and Steven our new friends from Toronto, and enjoy life. And since we have found lists very effective on this blog, here is our list about Koh Tao.

  1. Scuba Dive: If you don’t know how, learn. Its the cheapest place to learn
  2. Don’t rush, relax.
  3. The sun will burn you. Yes, all of you.
  4. You don’t talk about the Koh Tao Mafia on Koh Tao.
  5. Refer to rule 4.






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