Elephant Nature Park

may 4th-5th

Who’s down with ENP?  Yeah you know me!

So Shannan wanted to see some elephants, so we “volunteered”  for a few days at the Elephant Nature Park. It was a chance to get up close and personal with about 70 of the world’s largest land mammal. It was about 70 old females that had been rescued from circuses, logging, land-mine injuries, etc.

We learned a couple important points our Thai guide/babysitter taught us.

  1. “No food, no friend” – Elephants really dont like to be pet, rode, and frankly do not give a darn about you unless you have food.
  2. “Baby is boss” – Babies direct where the pack goes, and they decide everything until they are about 6. Even the blind elephants get left behind if baby feels like moving on.

The elephants hang out in groups of 4-6, and are very selective of adding new ladies to the pack. Babies are extremely playful but dangerous. Our “volunteer” session included paying 3 figures to watch elephants, talk about elephants, pretend to wash elephants, making massive rice balls for elephants in incredibly inefficient ways, and spend 2 days completely surrounded by recently graduated 22-year-old girls who thought they were also volunteering and changing the world.

We left the lights on and door open to our room so the entire jungle joined us for our overnight trip. Elephants are cool. That’s about it.



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