Oo-saka – Yumm!* (*said with Red Robin jingle)

Osaka – “Eating till we drop”

Day 11-13 – may 25th-27th

In order to leave Japan we had to make it from Tokyo to Osaka. No tour book ever tells you that Osaka is the number 1 place to visit in Japan, but if you really like food without the snobbery then this is a must visit.

We were a little temple’d, castle’d, park’d, train’d out by the time we arrived in Osaka, so it is good we had 1.5 days to really make every calorie count. With a little bit of walking here and there to keep the heart from stopping up. I am doing this is food order.


Food on a stick, like Takiyaki, except breaded and fried directly in front of you. Once you travel around and try fresh tempura, or frites and mayo in Amsterdam, you really appreciate fried food when you see it transplanted directly from 400 degree peanut oil to your plate in front of you with little more than a shake of excess grease and a nod of salt.


You dip this varied array of meats in delectable sauce, use cabbage and beer to complete.

Next Up…

How to do Breakfast…anywhere

So we went to this market where you basically get the freshest or best of anything for a lot less than the restaurant price. That doesn’t make it cheap, just cheaper than the restaurant. Oysters as big as your head (and good), Kobe beef, and sushi.

Breakfast of champions


Think omelette with all the meaty leftovers in your fridge only now you’ve added some pancake batter, mayo, mustard, green onions, and a thick soy sauce. Sounds gross, but wait until you try it.


Kobe Beef

Lets just say this. Expensive, exotic, intimidating, “live as a Kobe cow seems pretty sweet”,  but all around delicious. You do not eat a lot, the servings make an 8oz. Filet look huge, but the trick is you are fed these delicious slices of perfectly marbled beef that over 2 hours and a few beers you are fat and happy.

Sorry I was too busy eating to get any worthwhile pictures.



Besides eating? Staring at oversized food replicas. See you in Seoul



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