Kamikochi – Japanese Alps

day 5&6 – may 20-21 2106


We escaped the wild of Tokyo and landed in the Japanese mountains. Its like the Japanese Shire or something. Absolutely gorgeous weather, scenery, hiking, food, saunas. Could not ask for anything more.

This protected national park appeared eerily groomed and controlled. Everything was perfectly in place. We stayed at a hotel/onsen that served special meals that had 10 small plates set out for us to try. And while we ate this delicious food and bathed in the public baths (Onsens), we rocked Yukata (robes) for our meals and around the hotel.

On Friday we had our big hike up the Dakesawa Valley. This is a stage point to all the mountain peaks, a viewing for the amateur hikers who settled on a fairly grueling 3 mile, 2500′ elevation hike.


Also had some energy at the top…

Also who doesn’t find breast feeding Japanese Macaques are adorable.


Two nights, a good hike, some relaxing soak, and some good food and we are off to to Takayama and Kyoto. Its temple time.



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